10 Things That Happy People Do in the First Hour of Waking Up

Woman stretching in her bed. A Girl Waking Up in The Morning

There are morning people and then there are the people you don’t want to make eye contact with until they have their morning coffee. If you’re not a morning person, then you know how annoying it is to see someone else experiencing happiness while you’re in zombie-like misery. It’s almost like these morning whisperers are happy just because it may upset you more. That’s why they call it morning right? Truth is, you could be happier in the morning with 10 little tricks that are things most happy people do within the first hour of waking up.

You Snooze, You Lose!

Once you decide to hit the snooze button you have agreed to your morning being rushed and disorganized. Yes, we know you’re tired and that’s why it’s crucial to keep your fingers away from the snooze button. Studies show that going back to sleep makes you even more tired. Try getting a better night’s rest by going to sleep earlier or by creating a much more relaxing sleep routine. Still can’t get up? Move your alarm clock further away so you’ll be forced to get up to turn it off.


Since you aren’t going to be hitting the snooze button anymore you will have an extra few minutes to stretch. Do so by lying down and extending your arms up and legs out as far as you can. Take some time to do a reclining twist on both sides to adjust your spine from your sleeping position.

Drink Two Glasses of Water

Flush out any stagnant toxins in the body and energize your digestive tract by quickly drinking two glasses of water before eating or drinking anything else. Your body will thank you for it.


Refrain from picking up your phone and getting bombarded with social media, emails and texts. Unplugging can save you a lot of time, stress and worry first thing in the morning.


Channel positive energy by feeling gratitude first thing in the morning.

Create Your Space

Having your own space to use for getting ready the morning is one of the best things you can do for yourself. If there is limited on space available, try using a vanity set instead of the bathroom counter or wake up ten minutes earlier than everyone to avoid bathroom wars.

Set Your Intention for the Day

There’s something about the shower: It’s one of the best places to gather thoughts and focus on creative thinking. In the morning while you take your shower, take a minute to briefly go over what you need to do for the day and clarify your intentions for the day.

Practice Efficiency

Everything can be done a bit more efficiently whether it is packing your lunch the night before, ironing your clothing a week before or even washing your hair the night before. Streamline your morning routine by eliminating time consuming activities.

If You Have Time – Get Moving

Get all those happy endorphins awake with a quick workout. If you work in an office or if you are a student then chances are you may be sitting for most of the day. Set 10-60 minutes aside each morning for a quick workout.

Turn up the Tunes

Listening to your favorite tracks is definitely a quick pick- me-up. Create your own morning playlist to listen to on your way to work or school.

Eat the Most Important Meal of the Day

They don’t call it breakfast for nothing. Fuel your body with nutritious whole foods so you are better equipped to start your day. Studies have shown that eating breakfast can reduce weight gain and night eating.

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