Summer Fitness Tips + The Secret to Protecting Your Skin


As summer continues to reign strong, it’s essential (especially as a Canadian) to be enjoying every bit of it. From keeping your tan game strong swimming at the beach (and storing Vitamin D for the long winter of course), biking to your favorite spots, going on a sunset walk or run, to engaging in the many more fun summer sporting activities – it’s the perfect time to keep active. But first, there are a few things you need to know! Here are some crucial summer fitness tips, which include the secret to protecting your skin and how to make your own 100% Natural electrolyte drink!


Choose an optimal time of day

  • As the summer heat can be quite strong, it’s important to schedule your most active times away from the hottest part of the day. 10am to 3pm is when the sun will be the strongest. Therefore the best time to engage in strenuous activity would be the early morning or late afternoon. This is essential since excessive heat during exercise can lead to major dehydration, loss of electrolytes, and over a prolonged period – can even lead to organ damage. You can also get around this by choosing shaded trails or pathways (if you’d like to go hiking for example), or by choosing a sport that involves water to help keep your body temperature regulated. Also, be sure to always check the weather forecast for heat advisorys (which means high ozone and air pollution) and keep these days reserved for indoor activities.


Wear Proper Clothing

  • You’ll want to choose clothing that is lighter-coloured (since this will help to reflect heat), as well as loose fitting and 100% cotton. This is essential for increased breathability and will aid in the evaporation of sweat. If you can, choose organic cotton. The heat combined with your sweat will be opening your pores to the pesticides contained within non-organic fibres, leading to more toxins for your body to eliminate. Since you’ll want to be sweating them out instead of taking them in, this is a fantastic idea.


Use a Natural, Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

  • The most important thing you can do for your skin in the summer, is protect it! However, there are a lot of sunscreens out there that contain a slew of harmful chemicals. What you’ll want to look for is a sunscreen that contains the minerals zinc and/or titanium dioxide as their active component, and stay FAR away from anything containing the following toxic endocrine disrupters: oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate and octinoxate.
  • What you also can do is create your own! What I love to do is modify my Refresh Botanicals Daily Moisturizer or BB Cream, by simply adding some pure zinc oxide powder (you can find this at most health food stores). You’ll want to use a 1:4 ratio (zinc to cream) in order to get a broad-spectrum sunscreen that offers a 20+ SPF {recommended}. Do this with your body creams also and feel comfort in knowing that you’re only using the safest ingredients on your skin!


Try Something New

  • It’s such a perfect time to engage in a summer activity you’ve never tried before! In part of our #RefreshYourRoutine adventures, we’ve taken up Paddle Boarding and have been enjoying the enormous health benefits it provides. Not only does it deliver a full body workout (since just about every muscle in your body is utilized for balance and stability), but it also does wonders for reducing stress, improving endurance and overall strength, while at the same time remaining low-impact (fantastic for anyone with tendon or ligament injury and needing rehabilitation). Did I also mention this will give you a mighty fine core? 😉


Hydration + Electrolytes!

  • I can’t stress the importance of staying hydrated and ensuring your electrolyte levels are maintained during any summer fitness sport. During exercise, your body’s electrolyte balance begins to shift as you lose them through your sweat. If severe enough, this can lead to muscle cramps, fatigue, nausea, and mental confusion. Also, the risk of creating this imbalance only increases on a hot summer day.
  • Now when I say electrolytes, I by no means am referring to sugary sports drinks chuck full of mysterious “natural flavours” and artificial dyes. Plain coconut water is definitely a great alternative, but you can also whip up your own mix and enjoy as needed to replenish your electrolyte stores! Use the following ingredients and proportions:

o   Pure water or herbal tea - 4 cups

o   Himalayan Sea Salt, Celtic Sea Salt, or Regular Sea Salt (ultra high in minerals; table salt is not recommended)- ⅛-1/4 tsp

o   Raw Honey or Maple Syrup or Stevia (to taste) - 1-2 tbsp

o   Lemon or Lime – ½ cup


Other Summer Fitness Tips

  • Avoid coffee before your workout. Since it acts as a diuretic, this additional fluid loss will dehydrate you
  • Take a cold shower before your workout to stay cool
  • ALWAYS keep water on hand and sip every 15 minutes or so
  • Listen to your body – if you are feeling dizzy or faint, get out of the sun immediately

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